Monday, March 1, 2010

Just in time...

I just had to post tonight and let you know that yesterday I was able to finish a project. Yea!!! It is small but at least it is a finished project for February. I saw this in a book and went about making one myself. I used 2 patterns found on the internet and proceeded to string with beads my little red birds. Since I am a bird lover this was perfect and will make a nice hanging in my sewing room.

In between watching the hockey game with USA & Canada I was also able to work on my Freddy Moran quilt some more. It is taking shape and here is the dark hallway where I plan on hanging it. Don't you think this hallway could use some color????

Okay, it is time to close as I need to get ready to watch Jay Leno make his reappearance on The Tonight Show!!!!! Till next time...


1 comment:

  1. Your quilt will be fantastic, and it will certainly colour your wall!