Friday, April 23, 2010

Buying New Plants for Patio...

I have been busy planting new plants and working on trying to get my patio back in order since I lost everything to all of the very cold weather we had here in the Houston area. Wanted to take the time to share a couple of plants that are truly some of my favorites.

I have some wonderful neighbors next door and Anh was gracious enough to pick up a plant for me at her grocery store and it is called "Desert Rose"... Isn't it lovely?? I am still searching for a new pot/saucer to compliment the plant so in the mean time it is in the original pot.

First of all I am a big succulent lover... I love pencil cactus, hens & chicks and numerous other type plants. I lost my 5 foot pencil cactus and have been everywhere trying to replace it and that is turning into an impossible task. So I bought a small one and will continue the search for a larger one. Here is a picture of it...

While looking for the pencil cactus I came across something called "Firesticks" and it is from Africa and basically looks like the pencil cactus except it has red tips. Should be pretty but it is a very small start... here is picture

Now I wanted to mention a plant that I bought last summer along with my cousin and we both really like this plant. It is called ZZ Plant or another name is Aroid Palm. You cannot kill this plant and mine has been sitting in my entry way and you only need to water about once a month. Lovely plant...

Another favorite of mine is a plant that I have in the entry and it is "Grape Ivy" or at least that is what I call it. It loves this spot and gets plenty of light from my front windows. Is it not grand???

So you see I have been busy working around the house. This weekend I will post about my new fabrics and the new quilt projects that I have planned. So keep tuning in and I promise to write more often...

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  1. I was looking through the quilting blogs and by chance came across your cacti. I really like those pictures. For many years I had beautiful african voilets. They loved my home and rewarded me with constant flowers. Then we moved back to our old house and I found myself on the third floor (roof) with three walls and ceiling of glass and no heat or cooling other than an open window. That was the beginning of the end for the violets. They cooked! But the surprise was that the cacti didn't mind the heat or cold and even the dry periods when I travel or camp and reward me with many flowers. I can't help looking at what the stores have to sell even though my space is limited.
    Those you show are new to me and I enjoyed seeing them. Thanks!